Cross-Dresser or a Fetish-Dresser


True crossdressers do their best to emulate the gender opposite their birth-gender. If a male crossdresser, he is not satisfied to just throw on some female garments and run outside. While a true crossdresser may not go all-out, when dressing at home, he would never think of going out in public, unless he looks as much as a woman as is possible for him. True crossdressers, when out in public, do not want to draw undue attention, they just want to go on their way, as all the other women around them.

To present a respectable feminine image, one needs to get expert advice on what type of make-up looks best and how to apply it. They need advice on what style of clothes and hair looks best on them. Of course most men will also need some lessons and practice, on walking, talking and acting like a woman.

You can look like a angel, but if you talk and walk like an Amazon ape, you aren't going to pass, nor are you going to get the respect of the public. It will be mostly women you have to convince. Men aren't as observant as women. Men look at boobs and by the time they focus on your face, you pass them and, most likely, they don't recognize that you're a crossdresser, just a woman they're lusting after.

Some men love to dress as a woman, because that is how they express their inner feelings. Not all crossdressers feel that way. Some crossdress simply because they enjoy the temporary illusion of looking like a woman. Crossdressing provides an escape from the day to day, and allows them to relax and have fun. With other's, it is mostly sexual. This are fetish crossdressers.

Fetish-dressers just enjoy wearing one or more feminine items, whatever gives them a sexual turn-on. Often, they have one article on which they focus, such as lipstick, bras, heels, stocking, etc. Generally, they are so obsessed with that article, they tend to over display it. They wear too much lipstick, or breasts that are too large for their stature, etc, etc.

Too often, fetish-dressers get such of a thrill out of wearing certain garments, that they don't bother as much with other things, such as their make-up, hair, etc. Most often, they haven't even bothered to get advice or lessons on how to walk, talk and act like a woman.

The main goal, for some fetish-dressers, is to get out in public and let other people see them. They really don't care about how the public reacts to them. They seem to enjoy the shock they create in others. They want to be noticed. They love the attention.

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